Embroidered Angel

This embroidered Angel, adorned a box I made last Summer for a christening present. The sides of the box were embellished with raised vermicelli and large flowers. The raised stitchery was achieved by a) loosening the tension on the bobbin, and b) using a hand quilting thread.

For myself, it`s an opportunity to experiment with design and stitchery when making a box or chest. I make new ones when a box workshop is approaching as

one is this month. My aim is to make a chest with a drawer and panels of family history.

The chest below has a medieval theme in which I used freehand machine embroidery, silk paints and layers of voile.

Happy stitching to all in 2012 …

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Suzette Smart

I'm a Textile Artist and Tutor using stitch, mixed media and collage.

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