Going large creatively …

DSCF1928[1]There must be something in the air … I am  going large creatively! Embroideries have got bigger and so have figures, apples, oranges, cups and saucers.

Not wanting to slave away for months on one piece by only using fine machine embroidery threads, I`ve taken to “stitching blind” (stitching on the back) and running yarns through the bobbin. I`m not a hoarder but I will confess to buying the linen and cotton yarns over 20 years ago from the Handweavers Studio, London. Well you never know what will come in useful when you stitch!

The density of the cotton yarns in particular gives the appearance of crewel work. Mixing this with areas of less intense stitch and finer threads, allows a gentle manipulation of the forming embroidery. DSCF1941[1]


Happy stitching …

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Suzette Smart

I'm a Textile Artist and Tutor using stitch, mixed media and collage.

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