Travelling books and soldering irons

Travelling Books

For those of you unfamiliar with this, it’s an idea from the Embroiderers’ Guild HQ, which many Guilds, including my own in Oswestry have taken up.

Groups of six are chosen, and each group member is given an identical sketchbook. The first two pages are filled with your own ideas at which point books are passed on to the next in line in your group of six. Continuing with your initial ideas, fellow group members each add two more pages of inspiration.

I love this idea! What a great way of sharing skills and a mutual passion.

Here’s a couple of my pages.

wpid-20150116_093157.jpgTravelling books

Soldering Irons

I am quite happy with the tools I have to hand but couldn’t resist buying a soldering iron when stitching friend, Dilys The Quilt, shared some new work. I haven’t quite figured out how I can make it work for me yet, but I’m having fun trying!

I used it for the sketchbook page above (left) and the sample below.


Happy stitching to you all …

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Suzette Smart

I'm a Textile Artist and Tutor using stitch, mixed media and collage.

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