I do not write poetry

I’d written a little something in stitch a while ago which has been sitting patiently for an embroidery to call its own. As an embroiderer, I don’t waste anything I stitch. Whether it’s cut up and collaged into something I’m working on, or the foundation for an entire new piece as this one is. Anyway, here are the words with pictures following.

“I do not write poetry,

I do not write prose,

Give me a pen and I shall learn then,

How to draw my world in words.

There’s a lot to be learnt when I’m working on a piece of this scale, this then filters through to smaller works, stitched books and workshops. A lovely flow of ideas, techniques and inspiration. For further details on workshops please go to dates for the diary.

And now for some lovely news from a couple of weeks ago. I have now joined a growing number of artists and makers in becoming a new member of The Society For Embroidered Work or S.E.W. for short. Look them up at http://www.societyforembroideredwork.com or follow the #societyforembroideredwork on instagram and twitter. Stitch, create and be happy xx



One Pin Smart

I’m known as One Pin Smart to a quilting friend of mine but all that is about to change. With shiny and straight new quilting pins purchased I’m about to begin quilting a large embroidery. (120 cams x 125 cms approx)

Here are the first stitches in the embroidery and the last in North, East, South and West.


2015-07-24 17.00.40        2016-01-25 14.29.13         2016-01-25 14.05.01

With the preparation done and the quilting about to start, I know this is going to be a challenge, but nothing is gained from ever standing still.

Happy quilting days …