One Pin Smart

I’m known as One Pin Smart to a quilting friend of mine but all that is about to change. With shiny and straight new quilting pins purchased I’m about to begin quilting a large embroidery. (120 cams x 125 cms approx)

Here are the first stitches in the embroidery and the last in North, East, South and West.


2015-07-24 17.00.40        2016-01-25 14.29.13         2016-01-25 14.05.01

With the preparation done and the quilting about to start, I know this is going to be a challenge, but nothing is gained from ever standing still.

Happy quilting days …

I took a map, and walked towpath, hill and field

The inspiration for this new piece, is covered by the title.

“I took a map, and walked towpath, hill and field”

2015-10-30 16.17.08

2015-10-21 13.54.522015-10-21 14.05.112015-11-04 15.44.00

At 120 cms by 125 cms this embroidery has allowed room for exploration with theme and medium. It has also meant that I have had to dig deep in my boxes for the perfect pieces of stitch for recycling and scraps of fabric!

Happy stitching …

The Qube Open

These stitched birds are part of a piece shortlisted for this years Open Competition at the Qube, Oswestry. The exhibition runs from 11th September to 1st November.

The theme Journey is reflected in the piece through the suggested movement of the birds, text and in its transient nature. Most of the birds are not fixed so will go on to be part of their own narratives. There are similarities but each one is an individual.

stitched birdswpid-20140902_193200.jpgwpid-20140822_083823.jpg

For more information email me at …

Happy stitching …

Birds, postcards and letters …

I tried working this piece into a hanging but the theme, journey, and the ideas I am using to represent this, leaned more easily towards a three-dimensional format. There will be little snippets of narrative to draw you in, embroidered postcards and birds. It`s definitely a work in progress!

Birds, postcards and letters ...

Another piece I`m closer to finishing has poison bottles for it`s inspiration! The very beginning of this embroidery can be seen a few blogs back. I shall let you know when they are out and about and on show.

Poison bottles ...

Sunny, sewing days …





A new project

It may not look very exciting yet, but this is the very beginning of a piece I m currently working on. You have to remind yourself it doesn’t all happen in the first layer!

first layer

A week today will find me @ Plas Tan Y Bwlch, Porthmadog, for the North Wales Embroiderers Guild. We will be happily stitching away to the early hours I m sure!

A weekend of stitching heaven …


Shared workspace

Since a new lovely sewing machine arrived last Christmas for my daughter, Tallulah, I have had to `budge over` on my work table. Not quite as messy a worker as me, but definitely getting there! I now know where to check when my favourite threads disappear … Tallulah`s sewing box!

a new sewing machine

As for me, I`m working on a piece which has been quite a challenge. I have wanted to incorporate some of my 3D cups and saucers and also a little 2D embroidery for a while. Sometimes ideas don`t get fully developed until a couple of years later! What can I say, there is always another project waiting …

Here is a little glimpse.

a cup of chaia cup of chai

Happy days …