Dear Robin

In the last post I shared a new piece entitled “come to tea”, now we have another invitation with “Dear Robin”. With such a rich crop of fruit and berries this year, these tea time narratives are just waiting to be stitched!


Happy stitching x

Stitching news

These pieces along with others will be in exhibition later next year. With work pinned and hung around me, the ideas and stories are easy to develop. A little observation at the bird table helps too.



As for this forthcoming weekend, I’m looking forward to stocking up at the Knitting and Stitching Show @ Harrogate. A new thread or piece of fabric can add something new and unexpected.

I’m also excited to see Anne Kelly’s Gallery where I will find this piece of work. A stitched tale of two lovebirds.

The two lovebirds

Happy stitching



“Pour another cup darling and I’ll tell you some mo… on Twitpic

“Pour another cup darling and I’ll tell you some mo… on Twitpic.

Visit this tweet to see a great picture!

More work on show at The Willow Gallery, Oswestry until the 6th December. There is a story told in words and pictures about Colin and Coleen. There are other tales to read too, so go visit and enjoy!

24/08/11 ~ Textile illustrations

Always a story to tell, these two pieces have a limerick behind them too!

The limericks are written by a friend with my embroidered illustrations.

The first is a tale of Buster the rabbit, who one lonely night phoned all his friends. The second is about Colin, a large collared dove, who falls in love with Coleen. They need a little bit of tweaking yet, but I would love your comments…

26.07.11 ~ garden pictures

Well all my framing is finished for now. Iam now truly ready for exhibiting at The Willow, Oswestry, this forthcoming weekend to the 17th August.

These pictures were all inspired by our garden. Iam sat here in the garden now after just chasing our rescue chickens back into their pen! Its a picture waiting to happen.

As its the Summer holidays though, it will have to wait for the children to return to school. Happy holidays…

27th June, 2011 ~ Stitched figures and animals…

An old piece I still haven`t fallen out with!    I have stitched onto handmade felt for this picture, but rather than it just being a “woolly” picture, the sheen of the threads and sharpness of stitch give it a greater depth.

The figures and animals that inhabit the tree have become very much part of my pictures. They add colour and character to the landscapes they become part of. They also walk dogs, carry beach balls and wear feathers in their hair… Happy days!