Birds, postcards and letters …

I tried working this piece into a hanging but the theme, journey, and the ideas I am using to represent this, leaned more easily towards a three-dimensional format. There will be little snippets of narrative to draw you in, embroidered postcards and birds. It`s definitely a work in progress!

Birds, postcards and letters ...

Another piece I`m closer to finishing has poison bottles for it`s inspiration! The very beginning of this embroidery can be seen a few blogs back. I shall let you know when they are out and about and on show.

Poison bottles ...

Sunny, sewing days …





Madeira Threads Competition

Very, very excited! I`m the Machine Embroidery Category winner of the Madeira Threads Competition, Glimpses of India, at The NEC this week.

This is my masala chai inspired piece and this is me accepting two rather lovely boxes of new threads and an engraved goblet.

Masala Chai

on the catwalk!

With a theme such as Glimpses of India, the embroideries were rich in colour and texture. This won`t be their last outing though as they can be seen at shows throughout the next year.

Stitching days…

Diary Dates for September

On Thursday the 6th September, you can find me talking @ Marches Branch of the Embroiderers Guild, Craven Arms. Lots of stitching tales to tell and show, including “let your happiness shine through”. My most recent piece of work inspired and stitched for the Qube Open Art Exhibition (Oswestry) with the theme Celebrate. It goes on display this month through to the 30th October.

Plenty of workshops from my home in Hindford, near Whittington this month. Two things we will be stitching will be little birds with wire legs and water soluble bowls. Come join me for a day of happy stitching. (small groups)

Christmas is coming…

I have never been inspired to stitch a Christmas picture but I have found this in the archives … It wasn`t intended as a Winter scene, but looking at it now, it certainly sends out a chill.

I love the warm glow from two of the doors, enticing you in … perhaps for a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie!

These boxes though, were definitely created with the Festive season in mind. The holly, angels and baubles are all stitched on water soluble. Stitched or covered with tartan, each box folds in creating a pyramid shape, perfect to put a special message or present inside…

Stitch and be merry…

2/03/11…Stitched Bowls

Once you have discovered water soluble fabric, so many possibilities open up. There are plenty on the market. Buy in small quantities to try out 1st as they can vary in thickness. I prefer my water soluble thick so I can work without a frame.

Stitch & Sculpt that bowl!

Bits of fabric, or some unfinished pieces of embroidery (hearts in bowl) can all be cut up and stitched into the work.

Some areas might be quite heavily stitched and others quite lacy. Ensure all stitchery overlaps so there are no unwanted holes! Once stitching is complete, wash most of water sol away, leaving enough of the glue so bowl retains its shape.

Press your stitched piece firmly into the inside or around the outside of a bowl. Dry with a hairdryer pressing firmly into place as you go…Happy stitching!