One Pin Smart

I’m known as One Pin Smart to a quilting friend of mine but all that is about to change. With shiny and straight new quilting pins purchased I’m about to begin quilting a large embroidery. (120 cams x 125 cms approx)

Here are the first stitches in the embroidery and the last in North, East, South and West.


2015-07-24 17.00.40        2016-01-25 14.29.13         2016-01-25 14.05.01

With the preparation done and the quilting about to start, I know this is going to be a challenge, but nothing is gained from ever standing still.

Happy quilting days …

Free Machine Embroidery Workshop

Come join me on Saturday, 21st June @ Castle Court Quilters, Whittington for a freehand machine embroidery workshop. Suitable for all skills.

Stitch, shape, add some writing,  and we have a bowl with a story. Voila!

stitched bowls

For more information you can get in touch by

email …

or Tel 07816658633

Stitched bowl

truly free range …




Madeira Threads Competition

Very, very excited! I`m the Machine Embroidery Category winner of the Madeira Threads Competition, Glimpses of India, at The NEC this week.

This is my masala chai inspired piece and this is me accepting two rather lovely boxes of new threads and an engraved goblet.

Masala Chai

on the catwalk!

With a theme such as Glimpses of India, the embroideries were rich in colour and texture. This won`t be their last outing though as they can be seen at shows throughout the next year.

Stitching days…

Shared workspace

Since a new lovely sewing machine arrived last Christmas for my daughter, Tallulah, I have had to `budge over` on my work table. Not quite as messy a worker as me, but definitely getting there! I now know where to check when my favourite threads disappear … Tallulah`s sewing box!

a new sewing machine

As for me, I`m working on a piece which has been quite a challenge. I have wanted to incorporate some of my 3D cups and saucers and also a little 2D embroidery for a while. Sometimes ideas don`t get fully developed until a couple of years later! What can I say, there is always another project waiting …

Here is a little glimpse.

a cup of chaia cup of chai

Happy days …

Work in progress

This is the second in a series of works which find me “bashing” out some developing ideas and themes. The variations in textures are created by loosening off the bobbin case and using a wider range of threads. Those to thick for the top get run through the bobbin and stitched from the reverse.

Happy stitching …

work in progress ...

Going large creatively …

DSCF1928[1]There must be something in the air … I am  going large creatively! Embroideries have got bigger and so have figures, apples, oranges, cups and saucers.

Not wanting to slave away for months on one piece by only using fine machine embroidery threads, I`ve taken to “stitching blind” (stitching on the back) and running yarns through the bobbin. I`m not a hoarder but I will confess to buying the linen and cotton yarns over 20 years ago from the Handweavers Studio, London. Well you never know what will come in useful when you stitch!

The density of the cotton yarns in particular gives the appearance of crewel work. Mixing this with areas of less intense stitch and finer threads, allows a gentle manipulation of the forming embroidery. DSCF1941[1]


Happy stitching …